Best Baby Strollers In India Reviews 2022

After more than 20 hours of broad research of all the top-selling baby strollers on the market, we have found our top pick overall and favorite baby stroller in India. We looked for a product that includes features such as 5-point safety harness, adjustable seat recline, reversible handlebar, as well as a 360-degree front wheel with brake & swivel lock. Additionally, there are other models of baby strollers in the market that meet different requirements and budgetary needs. In this article, we will look at a list of the best baby strollers in India.

Top Selling Baby Strollers


LuvLap Joy Stroller- Editor’s Choice

LuvLap is a reputed manufacturer for baby products, and the LuvLap Joy Stroller is no different. This stroller is designed for toddlers up to 3 years who weigh up to 15 kg. Something that stands out about this stroller is that both its front and rear wheels include brakes. Also, it comes with a 5 point harness that keeps your baby safe and secure at all times. Another outstanding feature is the reversible handlebar that lets you choose the direction your baby faces based on suitability. With this feature, you can have a great bonding time with your child as you explore the outdoors.

  • 5 point harness- This safety feature ensures stability to the baby at all times.
  • Reversible handlebar- This lets you have fun conversations and bond time with your child as you stroll around.
  • Three-position seat recline- The manufacturer included three reclining positions so the baby can lie in different locations.
  • Detachable seat cushions- The seat cushions can be detached and wash to prevent infections.
  • 106 degrees front rotation- This feature ensures the easy maneuverability of the stroller. Plus, the swivel lock allows the wheels to move straight.
  • Front and rear wheel brakes- The brakes enable the stroller to remain in a static position and prevent unnecessary accidents.
  • Canopy with looking window- The canopy is designed with a double layer to protect the baby from elements and windows for better vision.
  • Adjustable leg support- Includes a footrest to offer the baby adequate support while sitting and sleeping.

As always, LuvLap manufacturers have crafted this stroller with a child’s safety and mother’s convenience in mind. I love that it has tones of essential features that will keep your child calm and provide them with the comfort they need while out on a stroll. So whether you are planning a trip to the countryside or city streets, LuvLap Joy Stroller is a great baby stroller choice.

  • Double-layered canopy offers enough support
  • Foldable with one hand controls
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Highly affordable
  • Food tray available
  • Back pocket provides additional storage

  • It does not have a mosquito net
  • Does not include an instruction manual
  • Not easy to operate and requires effort to close

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R for Rabbit Poppins Plus Pram Baby Stroller- Best Budget Pick

Are you in the market for a lightweight and compact stroller for your baby? Well, look no further than the R for Rabbit Poppins baby stroller. Weighing just 6.5 kg, this model is designed to be 3 kg lighter than most models in the market. This makes it convenient for parents who take their stroller on the road. This stroller is also designed with the safety of the baby in mind. This is thanks to its good suspension, multiple recline positions, and 5 point harness system.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight design– This stroller only measures 6.5 kg. Its lightweight design makes it easy for parents who travel alone to carry with ease.
  • 5 point harness system- This offers the utmost protection to a little one while on the road.
  • Multiple recline positions- This is designed o ensure comfort for the baby.
  • Reversible handle- This feature allows you to decide the direction that your baby will face while strolling.
  • One-hand fold technology- If you travel a lot alone or are always busy, you will appreciate this feature that allows you to fold the stroller with a single hand.
  • Removable metal tray with cup holder- This is a functional and fun feature that allows you to place a snack or drink for your little one when it is stationed.
  • Mosquito net- A mosquito net is included to protect the baby from insects and bugs.

Overall, R for Rabbit Poppins Plus Pram baby stroller is the best budget-friendly stroller in India today. Despite this, it includes all the useful features that a baby stroller ought to have. Most users find this stroller lightweight, durable, easy to use, compact, and excellent value for money.

  • Offers multiple reclining positions
  • 5 point harness system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Removable tray
  • Reversible handle for safer movement
  • Lightweight
  • Can be folded with one hand
  • Tires are great for Indian roads

  • Wheels are poor quality, and the lining material may need improvement
  • Tray not dishwasher safe
  • Difficult to fold with one hand for some people

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Gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller- Best Value Baby Stroller

For a compact and easy to use baby stroller, Gb manufacturers have this to offer. This stroller is an excellent choice if you love to travel with your baby as it folds easily. It is the most compact stroller available on the market, and it can fit as a cabin suitcase on your next flight. Unlike most products, it features a compact design that can easily be stored in your car or carried when traveling by plane or train. Another reason why frequent travelers love it is that it’s incredibly safe and comfortable for your baby.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact design- This stroller can pack small, making it convenient for frequent users.
  • Material composition- The first layer of padding on this stroller is made from 100% polyurethane, while the second layer is made from 100% polyester. 
  • Recliner system- The stroller offers reclining positions that allow you to adjust between various positions for utmost comfort.
  • Canopy- Unlike the previous Gb model, this stroller features a canopy that protects your baby from elements like wind and harmful UV sun rays.

The Gb Pockit lightweight stroller is the most compact stroller, according to the 2014 Guinness Book of Record. It is also a good value baby stroller that will give you worth for your money. Your baby deserves nothing but the best. Fortunately, with this stroller, your toddler will enjoy the comfort it offers.

  • Compact and highly foldable
  • Versatile
  • Cute and stylish design
  • Reclines well
  • Great for frequent travelers
  • Includes a canopy that offers protection against outside elements

  • Not very sturdy
  • Not ideal to use on all Indian terrain especially on rough and bumpy roads

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R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite

If you are in the market for a portable pocket stroller, look no further than the R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite. This product is equipped with essential features such as adjustable footrest and multiple recline positions. What stands out is the one-click linked brake that locks and ensures your baby’s safety is not compromised. Plus, it is made of air-permeable fabric that ensures a smooth flow of air.

Highlighted Features:

  • Safety features- This product is made in adherence to the European Standards, which ensures that babies’ and toddlers’ safety isn’t compromised.
  • Portability design lets you use it conveniently when traveling by car, plane, or train.
  • The trolley handle is a unique feature that lets you use the stroller as a check-in suitcase when traveling by air.
  • One hand foldable design
  • Constructed from a lightweight steel frame, making it easy to carry.
  • Front-wheel suspension for gliding through rough Indian terrain
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Multi-position recline

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and foldable design
  • Wheels and suspension suited for Indian roads
  • 5 point safety harness holds baby securely in place
  • The stroller can stop with one click
  • Travel-friendly

  • Wheels are not entirely suited for rough roads as they are flimsy and wear out quickly
  • Small sitting space


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Baybee Buggy Stroller

Do you have a tight budget? Baybee offers this quality product that is designed to provide supreme comfort and safety for your baby. This can be seen in the 3 point harness system that is created along a safety belt so your baby can enjoy all-round protection. A unique feature is the stroller handle that features soft foam cover for comfortable riding experience. Impressively, it comes equipped with a shopping basket that is spacious enough to hold your baby’s items and other belongings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Certified product for maximum safety and protection
  • 3 point safety harness to keep the baby safe
  • Both rear and front wheels have brakes for a smooth ride
  • It features a footrest located on the front beam
  • Backrest has a three-position reclining system
  • Shopping basket and back pocket for storage
  • Adjustable canopy with cover and magnetic window
  • Comfortable cushioned seats
  • It comes with mosquito nets
  • Adjustable hand strap for easy transportation

  • Offers exceptional protection for babies
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Versatile and travel-friendly
  • Designed for safety and comfort
  • Easy to open and fold
  • Budget-friendly
  • Numerous colors to choose from

  • Front wheels are not very smooth and could be improved
  • Average build quality
  • Seat lacks adequate cushioning

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R for Rabbit Giggle Wiggle

This is another R for Rabbit stroller that comes in a stylish design and is designed for babies 2 to 3 years old. Something impressive about this product is the feather-light design that makes it an excellent choice for parents who are always on the move. However, despite being lightweight, it doesn’t compromise on durability as it is crafted from premium quality aluminum.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • One-hand fold design and the stroller can fold in half
  • The seat reclines to multi-position
  • Constructed from an air-light aluminum frame
  • Adjustable leg rest offers more comfort
  • Features 100% linen fabric with high air permeability
  • Includes large storage basket
  • Front wheels are lockable and have suspension that ensures stability

  • Light but durable construction
  • Flexible as it can be folded with one hand
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Raised seat
  • Adequate storage basket for keeping things
  • Good value for money

  • Backrest can’t be adjusted to a straight sitting position
  • Wheels are a bit flimsy
  • Doesn’t include assembly instructions
  • Folded size is significant for some people

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Chicco CX Lava Cortina Stroller 

The Lava Cortina CX model stroller offers excellent value for the money thanks to the ton of features it provides. Designed for babies that weigh up to 23 kg, this model is compatible with the infant Chicco key fit car seat. Featuring a 5 point harness system, large storage basket and cradle effects seats, this stroller is what you need to offer the comfort and safety of your toddler everywhere you go.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Features a suitcase folding handle
  • Compatibility with Chicco Key fit car seat
  • Dual side lock
  • Eight backrest reclining positions
  • Memory recline function to maintain the backrest position after folding
  • Large storage basket that can be accessed when the seat is reclined
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Removable child’s tray and cup holder

  • Superb quality
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and easy to fold
  • Memory recline function
  • Sturdy for Indian roads
  • Stylish design
  • Comes with a removable child’s tray

  • Large when folded and can take up a lot of space
  • Fold and unfold mechanism could be better

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Fisher-Price Steel Explorer Stroller Cum Pram

This is a stylish product that can be used as a stroller for your kid. It can also be a pram to newborn babies. The stroller includes a 5 point safety harness, and its multiple reclining positions allow your baby to rest in a relaxing and lying position. It features a foldable canopy and comfortable padded seat so your child can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-position backrest
  • 5 point harness system with shoulder pads
  • Single hand folding and unfolding mechanism
  • Sturdy front wheels and large rear wheels provide stability and easy maneuverability
  • Anti-shock braking mechanism for smooth and secure movement
  • It has a foldable canopy that features a peekaboo window and sun visor that offers protection against harmful UV rays
  • Storage basket for storing essentials
  • Footrest included for comfortable sitting
  • Sturdy and durable frame design
  • Food tray included

  • Well-built quality
  • Comfortable, padded seat
  • Ample storage space
  • Removable tray
  • Foldable canopy
  • 5 point harness
  • Sun visor helps protect against sun rays

  • Quality of the stroller could be improved
  • Doesn’t stand after folding
  • Not suitable for babies above three years

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Baby Stroller

Before you head out to shop for a stroller for your baby, there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind.


Size is a significant aspect to consider when purchasing a stroller for your baby. Usually, strollers come in different sizes and weight ratings depending on the age and weight of the baby. Hence, there is a need to select the optimum size for your baby. This is important because a smaller size stroller can be uncomfortable while a large-sized product may not hold your baby securely. A good practice is to carry your baby along as you go shopping for their stroller.


If you are planning to have more children in the future, it would be a good idea to choose a stroller that can easily be converted into a double or triple unit. Models with high adaptability can be used from newborn stage to toddler stage, saving you a lot of cash in the long run. Also, if versatility is an essential factor to you, then you should opt for models that you can easily add onto a stand and ride bumper or a car. This way, you will not be limited by how you plan to use it.

 Safety Features

Of course, every parent wants to ensure the safety of their child. For this reason, you should ensure that the stroller you are considering has all the essential safety features that will keep your baby safe and secure. Before you buy, always check the harness as this will play a key role in ensuring the safety of your baby. For utmost protection, it is recommendable to select a five-point harness as it secures the baby at the shoulders, waist as well as between the legs. However, you can opt for a three-point harness if you plan to use it occasionally. Also, check the stability of the stroller so you can be confident that it won’t topple over and injure your baby.

 Adjustable Seat Recline

Strollers with an adjustable recline feature come in handy when the baby grows older. Strollers for newborn babies are designed with a flat sleeping position; however, as they get older, they will need an adjustable seat recline to help them nap and sit comfortably.

Ease of Use

For an exceptional experience, look for a stroller that is easy to use. If you intend to use the stroller regularly, you want a model that enhances comfort and convenience. The best baby strollers in India will steer smoothly and maneuver easily with one hand. To ensure this, it is a good idea to take a test drive of the stroller before you make a final buying decision.

Foldable Design

To help you narrow your choices further, look for models that are easy to fold and unfold. This is more likely to increase the convenience of the stroller, so you don’t have a hard time using it while holding your baby.

Lightweight Design 

Similarly, you should check the weight of the stroller and settle for those that feature a lightweight design. The weight of various models may vary, with some weighing more than others. This is an especially paramount factor if you plan to take the stroller on the road. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time lifting it when carrying your baby.


If you want to explore the outdoors with your child, then you must invest in a good baby stroller. Highlighted above are just some of the factors to consider when buying baby strollers. With this comprehensive guide, we are sure that you will make an informed buying decision, and you have also learned about the best baby strollers in India.

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