Best Dishwasher In India Reviews 2022

After more than 18 hours of both primary and secondary research, we have come to a conclusion and want to bring you our top pick overall and the best dishwasher in India. It is an excellent choice due to the fact that it has vital features like a 12 place setting, aqua stop facility, hygienic wash, and EcoSilence drive that ensures the efficiency of the dishwasher, making it one of the most suitable dishwashers that you can buy online. There are also other models of dishwashers in India that meet the budgetary needs and requirements of different Indian households. Let us now take a look at our shortlisted choices of top dishwasher models in India.

Top Dishwashers in India


Bosch SMS60L18IN Free-Standing Dishwasher

Are you tired of doing your own dishes and contemplating buying a smart dishwasher? Well, the Bosch SMS60L18IN Dishwasher is probably what you need. This machine offers effortless cleaning and is fitting for Indian utensils. This model comes with 12-place setting capacity and 6-wash settings together with other smart features like EcoSilence drive, inner tub, load sensors, and many more. Plus, it is capable of saving a significant amount of power and water, making it among the most energy-efficient dishwashers in India. It also features 6 programs with different temperature settings in order to leave your utensils sparkling.

Highlighted Features:

  • Place setting of 12– This setting is suited for families of 4 to 6 members, and it makes washing convenient and easy.
  • 6 Built-in wash cycles– They include half load, intense kadhai (for Indian utensils), express sparkle, varioEco, extra dry, and pre-rinse.
  • Auto-programme- This function adjusts the temperature, cleaning time, and water-usage to ensure a perfect wash.
  • Aqua Stop facility- This is a thoughtful feature that is designed to detect leakages and stop the flow of water.
  • Hygienic wash- Wash your baby’s dishes with this machine which heats water up to 70 degrees Celsius and eliminates 99% of germs and bacteria.
  • 60 Minutes wash cycle- With the Express Sparkle 65 C programme, this machine can complete the job in just 60 minutes.
  • Sensors- This product comes with sensors like the load sensor and the Aqua sensor. The load sensor detects the weight of the load and ensures that the right amount of water is used for optimum wash.
  • Electronic delay timer- The delay timer function allows you to pre-select the programme depending on when you want to start it.
  • EcoSilence drive- Increases efficiency of machine.

This freestanding dishwasher from Bosch is our top choice owing to the advanced features it comes with. We are impressed by its quality build, convenient loading, and the fact that it delivers optimal cleaning results. It also has power and water-saving features that will give you peace of mind when using this appliance. It is absolutely worth the money.

  • Place setting of 12
  • Kadhai programme is designed for Indian utensils
  • Energy-efficient
  • Free-standing type
  • Childproof control lock
  • Comes with removable rack
  • Half-load feature for fewer utensils
  • Low-water consumption of 9 liters

  • On the expensive side
  • Need to remove leftovers first
  • Produces 52 dB noise
  • Not ideal for non-stick and aluminum containers

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IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Setting)

The IFB is a reputable brand that is known for manufacturing dishwashers that are designed with advanced features that allow Indian households to wash utensils hassle-free. This utility appliance features fully-automatic front-loading, and it comes with twelve place settings. Plus, this freestanding dishwasher has 5 wash programs to make washing more effortless. Impressively, it comes with a water softening device that is ideal for most of the water supply in India. IFB Neptune FX has an automatic program that helps to conserve energy, even when you leave the machine on. Hence, you won’t have to worry about expensive utility bills.

best dishwasher in india

Highlighted Features:

  • Place Setting of 12- The IFB FX Neptune includes capacity for twelve place settings which are perfectly suited for families of 4 to 6 members.
  • 5 Wash Programs- It has 5 wash programs that include: Heavy Soiled, Light to Soiled, Normal, Hygiene, and Super 50 min.
  • 9-Liter Water Consumption- This product is extremely energy efficient as it only consumes 9 liters of water per day. This helps to save on high water bills.
  • Half-Load– This is a unique feature that allows you to use either the upper basket or lower basket when you have fewer utensils. As a result, you will be saving on water, energy, and detergent.
  • Water Softening Device- It has a built-in water softening device that energizes water in order to dissolve detergent better.
  • Quick Wash- The quick wash program makes it possible to wash lightly soiled dishes in under 40 minutes.

The IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Setting) is a good choice for individuals who are looking for an affordable dishwasher without compromising on quality and performance. This dishwasher comes with smart features and washes utensils for small to medium families effortlessly. We believe that it is the great dishwasher in India when it comes to affordability.

  • Great performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Stainless steel build
  • Budget-friendly
  • Tackles tough stains on Indian dishes
  • Features adjustable upper tray baskets
  • Noiseless operation
  • Works well to remove stubborn stains

  • Powder tablets are expensive
  • Not ideal to use on plastic or rubber dishes
  • Indication lights don’t work properly

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Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (SMS40E32EU)

This is another great appliance from the trusted Bosch brand that comes with Place settings of 12 and 4 wash programs. This model has similar features like the Bosch SMS60L12IN, only that it has slight modifications. It has attractive and innovative features that render it very useful particularly for the Indian household. Along with having great cleaning performance, this appliance is eco-friendly, thanks to the Eco Silence Drive. It consumes 14 liters of water per cycle and has a noise level of 52dB. Unlike most units, this product comes with 3 cleaning temperatures that you can adjust depending on the utensils.

  • Place settings of 12 – With one place setting consisting of a dinner plate, dessert plate, soup plate, teacup with saucer, single glass, spoons, knife, and fork.
  • Water consumption (14 L) – This machine consumes 14 liters of water per day.
  • Time remaining indicator– This function is located at the front LED, and it lets you know the remaining time for the dishwasher to complete its job.
  • Dosage Assist-This feature helps in uniform distribution and dissolving of detergent tablets for optimal cleaning performance.
  • Childproof control lock- This is a safety feature that locks the dishwasher, when not in use in order to prevent accidents.
  • Half-load function– Hence, you don’t have to wait until the racks are completely filed in order to use the machine.
  • Load sensor– Once it has detected the load size, the load sensor ensures enough water and electricity are used for an efficient wash.
  • Hygienic wash– The Bosch SMS40E32EU heats water up to 65 degrees Celsius to provide hygienic wash.
  • EcoSilence Drive– This powerful drive ensures low power consumption and exceptional results.

If you are in the market for the best value dishwasher in India, look no further than the Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (SMS40E32EU). This appliance is an effortless cleaning dishwasher machine that provides high-cleaning efficiency without consuming too much power. Its technology is perfect for Indian utensils, as it has the ability to clean masala stained kadhai.

  • Includes 12 place settings
  • Aqua stop function prevents water leakage
  • Delayed start timer
  • Safety features like child lock
  • Comes with salt funnel
  • Features 2 folding plate racks
  • Water softening feature

  • Water consumption per cycle is very high
  • Not suitable to use on aluminum utensils
  • High-noise level

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IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

The IFB Neptune VX is a 12 place setting dishwasher that is ideal for medium to large families. It is equipped with exemplary features that ensure a fast and efficient cleaning for stainless steel utensils. It also comes with eco-friendly features that help you save water and energy and operates without much noise.

Highlighted Features:

  • 12 place setting capacity- Suitable for families with up to 6 members
  • Half load feature- This feature allows you to wash fewer utensils with less water and energy.
  • Height adjustable upper basket- You can adjust the upper basket to fit large utensils.
  • Quick wash- Washes dishes in just 40 minutes.
  • Water-softening device- Softens water up to 60 dh, making it ideal for Indian conditions.
  • In-built jet wash- The jet wash system is handy for washing less soiled utensils, like coffee cups.
  • Steam drying function- Ensures perfect drying without leaving any marks.

  • Smart and stylish silver finish
  • Place setting capacity of 12
  • Reduces water wastage
  • Includes adjustable racks
  • Features flexible half-load function
  • Easy to operate
  • Noiseless operation
  • Comes with LED display function

  • Shortens the life of plastic utensils
  • Not to use on non-stick and aluminum utensils
  • Short power cord
  • Installation requires technician


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LG Free Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (D1451WF)

If you have a large family, it is necessary to get a dishwasher that has a large place setting capacity like the LG Free Standing 14 place settings dishwasher. This product is an Indian favorite, thanks to its advanced features and functionalities. With 14 place settings, this product can be used at home and in commercial settings, where a large load of dishes are expected.

Highlighted Features:

  • 14 Place settings- This provides ample space for dishes.
  • 5 washing programs- This includes dual wash, quick wash, auto, eco, and gentle.
  • LED display- This indicates important information like temperature and washing options.
  • Height adjustable rack– Provides extra space for large utensils.
  • Child-lock feature– Locks the dishwasher when not in use.
  • Stainless steel tub- The stainless steel tub resists stains and is more durable compared to the plastic ones.
  • Inverter direct drive motor- Ensure efficient transfer of energy.
  • Noise level- 14 dB

  • 14 place setting
  • Energy efficient
  • Less noise
  • Time delay for 19 hours
  • User-friendly instruction manual
  • Adjustable smart rack system
  • Durable stainless steel tub

  • On the expensive side compared to similar models
  • 45 dB of noise can be irritating for some people

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Elica WQP12-7605V WH Dishwasher

Although it originates in Italy, the Elica brand is gaining popularity in the Indian market. Their WQP12-7605V WH is a high-end dishwasher that is equipped with excellent features that are perfect for Indian conditions. The place setting is 12, and it has 5 wash programs which makes it capable of tackling tough stains to leave your utensils spot-free.

Highlighted Features:

  • Place settings of 12– This capacity is perfect for most Indian families.
  • Freestanding type– With this model, you can save considerably on the cost of installation.
  • Soft-touch controls- The machine is very easy to control even for newbies.
  • Energy-efficient- This product has A++ energy efficiency which helps you save water and electricity costs.
  • Quick wash- For lightly soiled utensils.

  • 12 place setting
  • Free-standing machine
  • Energy-efficient
  • Perfect for Indian households
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • 5-wash programs
  • Durable and stylish design

  • Need for proper installation demo

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Things to Consider When Buying a Dishwasher in India

The Indian market is loaded with a plethora of dishwashers with different features and functionalities. For this reason, it can be quite daunting to find the most suitable dishwasher that will both cater to both your needs and wants. Here are some things that you should consider when buying a dishwasher in India.

Type of Dishwasher

There are different types of dishwashers in the market to choose from depending on your kitchen needs. They include:

Built-in dishwasher

This dishwasher is a popular appliance, and it is directly installed below the kitchen counter. Since it is fitted permanently, the built-in dishwasher is an outstanding choice for people who live in their own house.

Portable Dishwasher (Free-Standing)

The portable free-standing dishwasher is a good choice for Indian people who don’t live in their own houses. This unit has the same capacity as the built-in dishwasher, only that it can be moved from one location to another and can easily be stored when not in use.

Dish Washer Drawers

Dish drawers come in two types: the single and double dish drawer system. The single dish drawer system is ideal for smaller families while the double dish drawer system works well for large families.

Counter top Dishwasher

The counter top dishwasher has quite similar features like the portable dishwasher. However, as the name suggests, this type of dishwasher is placed on the counter top and not very far from the sink.

Power Consumption

For most people, finding a dishwasher model that provides the best energy efficiency is a vital consideration. The good dishwasher should have low power consumption in order to reduce the cost of running it. There are numerous models in the market that are equipped with an auto on/off power button in order to help you save power and reduce high electricity bills.

Size/ Place Setting

When buying a dishwasher in India, there is a need to consider the place setting, which is the international standard for the dishwasher’s capacity.  Compact size dishwashers come in 6 to 8 place settings, while the standard size has 12-14 settings that let you clean 112 utensils at once. However, most dishwasher models in India are manufactured in a way that suit the eating habits of the Indian people. You should, therefore, choose a model with the right place setting considering the size of the family you have.

Wash Program

Another important consideration when buying a dishwasher in India is the wash program. You want to ensure that the dishwasher has the vital wash programs that will help you attain optimum cleaning results for the utensils. For instance, models that come with inbuilt water softener are great for Indian conditions because it softens hard water and deters corrosion which is common in India. This helps to dissolve detergent better and deliver great cleaning results.

Smart Features

Most dishwashers in India come with extra features that will ensure the convenient washing of the utensils. A smart feature of this machine is the food disposal and filter that removes food particles from the utensils before washing them. This helps to prevent clogging of the machine. Hence, you won’t have to manually remove the food particles as the filter will do all the work for you. Also, some dishwasher models come with touch controls and LED displays to show the temperature settings and the amount of time left. This way, you can continue doing other chores as you wait for the cycle to end.


If you want to do the work of washing dishes without putting in much time and effort, there is a need to invest in a top-notch dishwasher machine. Above are some things to keep in mind while buying the best dishwasher in India. With this informative guide, we are certain that you will make the right buying decision the next time you go shopping for dishwashers in India. We also believe that you have learned more about dishwashers.

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