A Closer Look at Inverter Technology in Fridge

A fridge is one of the most important appliances in a household as it prevents food spoilage and at the same time lets people enjoy cold drinks and treats which are particularly refreshing in the summer months. It has become a must-have in every household. Modern-day technology made its way to improve the quality of life of people by improving appliances that people use. Aside from the improvement in the way of communication, technology also has improved quality of living by the enhancement of appliances like the refrigerator that people use daily.

Before we go to the benefits of inverter technology, let us go over the reasons why older refrigerators are being phased out:

  • Fixed-speed compressors- They have simple on-off logic which means the compressor works hard at startup for a peak load and then when the desired temperature is reached, it turns off completely. When a lot of energy is needed, this also reflects on the monthly billing of consumers as there is an increase in energy consumption.
  • Not so durable- With regards to durability, the standard compressor undergoes constant wear and tear as it works hard during start-up until peak and then turns off once the desired temperature happens. This also affects the span of the appliance as constant wear and tear happen.
  • Noisy especially at startup- This happens during the switching phase. The startup would make a loud noise as the compressor works hard.

In this day and age, refrigeration plays a big role in a person’s lifestyle as refrigerated meals for people on the go help them keep up with their busy schedule. It also saves time as daily cooking is not needed.  People nowadays cook in batches, store them in microwavable containers and then reheat the food for the next day. People of today are busy in regards to everything, work and life in general. Having a fridge just cuts the stress out of thinking about what to eat for the next day. Some may enjoy the batch-made meals for the rest of the week, and some may have them in a few days. Refrigerated meals also save money as eat-out lunches are sometimes costly but most of the time depend on where you are. People also shop for fruits and vegetables in large quantities and having the right kind of fridge that keeps them fresh is a must.

Below are the benefits of inverter technology in the fridge:

  • Efficiency in energy- Less energy is being used as the inverter compressor runs more consistently at a controlled speed.
  • Slow start-up- reduces the chances of failure.
  • Inverter technology- provides good temperature regulation for food that results in better storage conditions.
  • Quiet operation- Less noise is being produced as low speed in the start-up cycle happens.

The inverter compressor in the fridge starts slowly then increases its speed. When the desired temperature is reached, it decreases again just enough to maintain the temperature. Since the boom of the inverter technology, different brands available worldwide launched different types of inverter technology fridges that you can choose from depending on your liking and depending on what you think suits your lifestyle the most.

The following are the types of inverter compressors:

  • Digital Inverter- Controlled by a microprocessor using some software as the digital inverter.
  • Nutrifresh Inverter- It has special sensors that provide cooling that is personalized depending on the type of food so it stays fresh longer. It is being controlled by a microprocessor.
  • Intellisense Inverter- This kind of technology has three sensors for ideal control; fetching information, estimation of the amount of food load, and the user pattern for speed control of the processor.
  • Plasma Inverter- Has smart sensor-based control with plasma coating on a compression rod that improves longevity. This type of inverter technology is designed to last 25 years.
  • Smart Inverter- A known brand gave birth to this technology that is also controlled by a microprocessor for ideal cooling control.
  • Inverted Linear Compressor- This type of inverter technology involves compression of the refrigerant by using a linear arrangement of an electromagnet that attracts plate to which the piston is fixed. Four friction points are involved in this digital inverter compressor using electromagnet setup that reduces friction points to just 1. Energy waste is reduced and converted for high energy efficiency. The major advantage of this kind of technology includes keeping food fresh for longer in a wide range of environmental conditions.


A fridge with inverter technology is a wiser choice for a variety of reasons. Money-wise, it is the best option as it lasts long and is cost-efficient, consuming less energy and saving you money. It is also important to research or read reviews from people that used the brand you intend to buy. Doing so not only decreases the chance of wasting money but also lets you know more about the product from someone who has experienced it.

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